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Our Story

The journey of The Busy Bee is one that is driven by passion. We are two teachers who met in a quaint little cantonment of Rajasthan. Our  passion for teaching kindergarten children brought us together. Along the way we discovered that we share a passion for travelling, children’s  books, story-telling and much much more. Eventually ,we decided to put our experience into practice by creating and designing homework resources  for students and parents and that gave birth to  The Busy Bee.

Further , we registered a company which goes by the name of Kalpvriksh Educational Service. Our aim is to raise children who are  readers , communicators and culturally aware global citizens of the modern world.

Mrs Priyanka is a proud army wife,a passionate teacher and a trained story teller. Owing to her army background she has travelled well and worked in various schools pan India .It was her vision to put all the experience gathered over the years to design worksheets to ensure quality learning.

Dr Kalpana V, is a trained vet but she found her calling in teaching kindergarten children . She is a proud army wife who is an avid reader and traveller. After teaching in various schools across India she placed her faith and exemplary execution in production of this dream project.

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