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3-4 Years

It is a learning kit for nursery students (age 2. 5-4 years). It includes a 2 in 1 workbook for English Math & Hindi workbook and a Velcro based interactive workbook for EVS. Apart from that it also includes activities for pre-writing, Fine motors, Flash cards, puzzles, Lacing cards, Emotion cards, Colour wheel and much much more in a single box. With this learning kit for nursery, parents can keep their child engaged constructively for hours.

  • Access to 250 + high quality study materials
  • Age appropriate activities for overall development of child
  • Year long learning material in a single box 
  • Fosters Parent-child bond
  • Access to a community of experienced teachers
  • Screen free time for children

In India, different places use different terminologies for kindergarten classes. Here is a small guide to help you decide which age study box is suitable for your child. 

  • 2.5 – 4 years-Pre nursery OR Nursery-Scholar Bee Early Learning Workbook & Kit 1
  • 4 – 5 years-Nursery OR Lower KG-Scholar Bee Early Learning Workbook & Kit 2
  • 5 – 6 years-KG OR Upper KG-Scholar Bee Early Learning Workbook & Kit 3

The nursery study kit has work books and age appropriate skill enhancers. Some of the skill enhancers can be used from 2 years. But the best age to start using the nursery learning kit is 5-4 years.

The Nursery learning kit is designed by two teachers who have an experience of teaching kindergarten children for about 10-15 years. So it has been designed in such a way that it appeals to children. It is a very comprehensive box which ensures holistic development of pre-nursery/nursery children. Ample sticker activities in the workbook to make writing interesting. Testimonials of many customers that amongst all the pre nursery learning kit available online, our nursery learning kit for home learning is the best nursery learning kit online Reusable Laminated Cards which can be used again and again all throughout the year.

The best age group for using this box is 2. 5-4 years. So it is suitable for pre nursery/Nursery children. Pl refer to the age group chart given in FAQ 3

Learning happens in four stages-Recognition, Reading and Reinforcement or Revision & Remediation. Our Nursery Learning kit will help parents to conduct an effective revision at home. Moreover the skill enhancers will boost the skills like fine motors, cognitive skills which will ultimately help in learning numbers and alphabets. This nursery kit for home learning is BEST suited for Revision & Remediation.

Remediation involves assisting children to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy(alphabets) & numeracy(numbers). Due to ill health (the routine cold & Cough)or family requirements, it is very common for children in kindergarten to miss classes. Our nursery learning kit for home learning can be used for making up any such learning loss which has occurred to your child.

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It takes upto 8-10 business days. Once the nursery kit is shipped, our courier partner will provide the tracking details.

There are 2 workbooks, a Velcro based folder, and various hands-on activities which promote independent learning in children. All craft materials required to do the activities are also given along in the box.

Children till the age of 6 require an initial guidance for doing these activities. Still many of the activities are designed in such a way that children can do it themselves with minimum assistance.