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Mrs. Priyanka & Dr. Kalpana

The Busy Bee is an educational startup founded by a passionate team of educators, driven by a profound commitment to shaping the early years of a child’s learning journey. Our journey began when two enthusiastic preschool teachers, Dr. Kalpana Velayudhan and Mrs. Priyanka Jacob, embarked on a mission to revolutionize early childhood education.

Established in March 2022 under the umbrella of Nirmayi Pallikoodam Private Limited, The Busy Bee stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in preschool education. Dr. Kalpana and Mrs. Priyanka bring a wealth of teaching experience and a unique perspective as mothers themselves, infusing their curriculum with a blend of pedagogical expertise and nurturing care.

What sets The Busy Bee apart is our unwavering focus on the holistic development of children. Gone are the days of rote learning – our curriculum is meticulously crafted to foster a love for learning, creativity, and critical thinking. We understand that the early years are the foundation upon which a child’s educational journey is built, and we are committed to ensuring that this foundation is unshakable.

Our five-fold approach to child development forms the core of our philosophy. We believe that cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and creative development are inseparable components of a child’s growth. Through engaging activities, interactive learning, and a nurturing environment, we empower our young learners to explore their potential and flourish in every aspect of their lives.

The essence of The Busy Bee can be summed up in a simple yet profound belief: strong roots lead to towering achievements. Dr. Kalpana and Mrs. Priyanka envision a future where each child’s educational journey is marked by curiosity, confidence, and a deep-rooted love for learning. By providing a solid foundation during these formative years, we strive to equip our children with the tools they need to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

Join us at The Busy Bee, where we’re not just shaping young minds, but nurturing the leaders, innovators, and thinkers of tomorrow. Together, let’s build a world where education is a transformative experience, and every child’s potential knows no bounds.

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