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Travel Manners

Last week me and my friend had to make an official trip to Lucknow. We boarded an early morning train so that we can reach Lucknow before the scheduled meeting at 12 o clock. After making ourselves comfortable in our seats we were catching up on things .A couple with two preschool aged children had boarded the train along with us. The younger child was a toddler. Both the parents were trying to make the child comfortable by rocking his rocker.The elder child who must have been 4 or 5 years old was made to sit with a mobile. He had put the Baby Shark rhyme…..No ….we were not the only ones to know that…The whole compartment was aware as the child was playing it in full volume….We requested the parents to reduce the volume…..They tried once but the child started crying…Then they did not bother to correct her…..Along with the mobile the child was given a packet of chips and a banana. By the time we reached Lucknow the whole place was littered with chips, juice packets and banana peel.

The main thing which is lacking here is Travel manners………This cannot be brought about in a person one fine day….It has to be cultivated over the years……As parents or elders its our duty to educate the children about it…….Here are a few things which you must teach your child

In flight or train be polite to your co passengers. Believe me if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you especially if you are single mom travelling. Smile at them. Be polite to them. Be grateful if they help you. Don’t take it as if it’s your right.

Toddlers often cry or throw tantrums – handle that situation smartly. Swallow your anger and be as polite to the child as you can be. I know it’s difficult, but you can deal with disciplining later, contain the situation first.

Watch him/her, that he is not kicking the passenger sitting on the front seat in flights.

 If you are giving him mobile phone, keep the volume down as much as possible. Dont allow your child to throw things at others or pull someone’s hair…Don’t just smile and laugh at it but tell the child sternly. Your eyes can do the talking in such situations. Children listen to you if they know you really mean it.

Teach the child not to litter around the place where he/she is sitting. If he throws any thing down make him/her to pick it up then and there and put it in a polythene/paperbag which u can dispose off later.

These points may seem to be known to us but we must make sure that we implement these with our children. Places of travelling aren’t your personal space, they are public places. We must be considerate towards others. Make sure that your mighty one doesn’t become a trouble to someone. Set the ground rules for your toddler early.

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